How do I share Home Monitoring?

wait… is this still not a thing? No timeline or roadmap?

I have not heard of any ETA, but I believe I heard they were looking into it

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Wyze Home Monitoring is worthless without this sharing feature, and multiple pins to give people like cleaners, bug guy, etc. I’m continuing to overpay CPI month after month because this is utterly unusable without this.

How on EARTH is this still not addressed?

The messages is so LOUD.
Why Wyze team is still not responding? Please make this your top priority.

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I agree. The product is LITERALLY worthless without this feature. And I’m paying for monitoring that I can’t use…

I agree with everyone else… my wife and kid had separate accounts so that i can share devices with them as needed but for the home monitoring they all have to use my log in to arm/disarm the system… this would be a nice add

we need this now

We are moving into 6 months of this being an issue, I don’t plan on renewing this service plan if this continues. It’s not just the bypass of my wife having to use my credentials. It’s other issues as a result of this, for example, if I Arm the house on the app and then my Wife is the next one to disarm the house on the app, and she doesn’t close the app first. It will tell her it’s already disarmed. It’s frustrating when your alarm starts going off and your not expecting it. With the app being logged into 2 or more devices, it’s just not communicating with those other devices.


@WyzeJimmy I was a happy man installing the system until I realized that HMS can’t be share!!!
Unbelievable how you guys missed the boat

Any ETA?

I’m thinking on returning the system

I’m super frustrated with this. You’ve sold me a worthless product. Once you got your funding, I thought this would be prioritized. Or at least you’d give an update saying something about timing.

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Actually, while sharing doesn’t seem to be in development, I did find this thread that says multiple PINs are in development. Additional PINs for home monitoring system


Thats barely a feature worth mentioning. Since you have to share login and password for your wyze app for the home monitoring function you might as well share PINS. They need to stop trying to develop every product under the sun and fix the products that currently exist. They are turning into your average tech company.

I didn’t even think to research if the service could be shared. Seems like a basic function of a product like this. This is not a feature request, it’s a requirement. Please work on this and/or be more up front about the lack there-of.


I think it’s just a waste of time to post it in this forum. Wyze support team doesn’t read this forum. Give them a call and request it. If all of us call them, maybe they will work on it and realized that sharing is a basic feature

Turns out they do listen. It’s been added to the latest build.

Wyze has added the ability to allow sharing of HMS in the past. Now, with the new Prod Release, you can add the individuals contact info so that Noonlight can notify them of an Alarm as well and be able to provide the Safe Word so that the Alarm gets disabled.

Here are the steps to do it:

Share HMS with someone, I shared with my Wife. Then do the following:

  • Go to the App
  • Tap on HMS
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on Home Monitoring Settings
  • Select Shared Accounts
  • Add a Person or Tap on the Shared Name
  • Tap on the Name once Accepted
  • Toggle Text Confirmation to On
  • Fill In the Name and Phone Number
  • Then Tap on Save.

That added the Phone Number under the name and email address. Note that it appears they will get a text and not a call.

Here are a couple of screens: