How can I see the Wyse Cam v3 on a PC?

I’ve searched extensively and it doesn’t seem like anyone successfully uses iSpy or another app to see the Wyse cam v3 on a PC desktop. I don’t want to use the phone all the time. Why not see it on a large screen? I see there was a feature (RTSP) that was in a beta release but then Wyse removed it. They seem to be worried about lost income if people don’t have to use their service. Is there any new info on how this can be done? Thanks.

Welcome @Shifty

If you are using Cam Plus, you can utilize Wyze’s Desktop Live view by going here:

I’m not using Cam Plus. Too much money! iSpy is free.

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OK. I paid the $20 (camera was $28!) and now it is just spinning with an image from 5am this morning. Plus, the image is the size of a camera screen! That isn’t what I’m looking for.

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Thanks for the info ISpy look exactly what I was looking for. I got cold feet relying on remote server. I invested large amount of money in x10 and when they put theyre server down I got my lesson. If I can run in local and save the install files to reload stuff later. That is what I need. I wonder if I use RDP or equivalent running the apps would even avoid of any remote server? I also not mind working on my router if need be. Darn that might avoid me many rabbit holes! …

I never got iSpy to work. Please let me know if it works for you (and what you had to do). Thanks.

Not sure what browser you are using but Firefox will not work and will just spin.
Wyze recommends Chrome but Edge seems to work just fine.