Home Monitoring Keypad Mute

It would be great if there was an option to mute selected keypads from announcing when arming/disarming the system. I have one of the keypads in a bedroom and it is super loud when arming later at night. A toggle for “Silent Arm” or “Silent Disarm,” similar to the Silent Entry Delay that was just added, would be fantastic.

I agree the with a couple of additons

1.) if there is an Alarm the key pad should also Alarm
2.) When arming the silent entry/exit should simple be silent
Currently the silent entry option eliminates the beeping but still announces “system armed”

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Ok i have been facing this issue, i have a key pad in my basement, and if you open the basement door whiles the system is armed you will never know it and the house will go into alarm, can’t the key pad also prompt for the delay entry code to be entered, it is really becoming an issues for me since we use this basement a lot and we cannot see the sense hub in the basement