Heads up! - security risk on shared wyze cameras

Yes one can unshare the camera, or stop the sharing after trusted relationship dissolves, or even cut the internet but that’s not the point… Allowing a shared user to control the device and actually turn the device off is a FLAW in the WYZE App…and YES shared users can modify the Notifications “setting” as well on owners shared cameras.

Think of it this way…and sorry these are the only analogies I could come up with at this moment…If you share pictures on your Facebook page with your FB Friends, is it okay for “shared users” to be able to delete your pictures from your FB account page…or maybe this is better… take any streaming service that basically is sharing movies or music…are end “shared” users allowed to remotely control whether the streaming service is up or down?



I just don’t see anything wrong. I share my cameras with my wife. I certainly want her to be able to turn cameras on and off. In fact I wish I could share more control. See the #wishlist item @Loki shared above.

If I had shared a camera with someone that I asked not to turn it off say, and they did, I would simply stop sharing it with them. If you are unsure of someone then don’t share it with them. You control who it is shared to.

As far as your analogy goes, yes my wife could delete my pictures or posts on Facebook back when I had a Facebook account. No, other friends and family members could not because I did not share my account details with them.

Life happens, people and relationships grow or fail this is a situation as old as the human race. [MOD Edit] Revoke shares, change your locks, reset your passwords. It happens.

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@rbruceporter - The shared users DONT HAVE my WYZE Account Login Credentials… They have Their OWN WYZE Account created by them on WYZE.

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I agree Wyze should have more options for the owner account to set for shared users but I mostly see people wanting to give MORE access to shared users, not less, especially if it’s a spouse.


@rbruceporter -
Here… REAL Life WYZE Scenarios… A Tons More Out Here. Again, NOT shared WYZE Account Credentials (i.e. same WYZE Account Login and Password), Just simple WYZE Shared Camera Video Feed. A shared User should Not have this level of control…and WYZE…what are you waiting for? Something bad to happen?


Seems like a simple solution, if you don’t want another user to have the access Wyze has designed… Don’t share it


I believe you mean don’t BUY it.

Only give camera access to people you trust with a key to your home.
But… If the trusted person has a key to your home having access to your Wyze cam settings seems to be a moot point.

While I do agree that sharing the ability to turn off cameras is a potential problem, the bottom line is; you are aware of the potential hazards of sharing your key and access to your cameras so act accordingly.

Here’s an analogy, I use Weiser Smart Key locks on my home, garage and cottage. It’s fairly well known that these locks are vulnerable to hacking but I use them anyway because it’s convenient to use the same key on every lock and the risk is minimal. If someone wants in they will break a window no matter what type of lock is on the door.


Yes i understand that. My wife has her own credentials not mine. I think perhaps you missed that point.

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Again yes, I actually have a real life. :innocent: so I do understand your concern. But as I and others have said the answer is simple. Don’t share access with anyone you don’t implicitly trust. Revoke the share if necessary. This is not at all different than giving someone a key to your home. If they abuse that trust then you would change your locks. (Revoke shared access).

Truthfully If someone wants to shut your cameras down they can use a $50 dollar WiFi jammer. Or take 5 minutes and find your power meter and pull the disconnect. Or just wear a mask when they break into your house.


Sharing video feed is not the issue. The level of shared user control is. By default share that level of control to shut down cameras should not be granted. The owner should have control and decision power over that.


You have some good points. I think they would be very welcome and more valuable as input in the thread @Loki mentioned. :slight_smile:


There is a #wishlist item to allow more granular control over what is and is not shared. I believe you will find more than a few people who agree with you on that point. And others, like me, that want the ability to share full control.

Different needs and opinions are what makes life interesting!


I think this comes down to a generational issue. Those of us that are a tad bit older didn’t have a lot of different roommates or girlfriends that lived with us etc… i’m not judging I’m just stating the facts. So if we had someone live with us or a girlfriend move in with us it was only someone that we truly truly trusted. So we would grant them access and not worry about it.

I have younger nieces and nephews that change roommates and significant others every other week and they move in and out of their homes and apartments with them. I even had one niece who got a car loan with the boyfriend that she only had for a few months. And then when they broke up it was a big cluster as to who is going to make the payments, who is going to take the vehicle because neither one of them could afford it on their own.

The younger generation seems to just trust easier or live life a little more freely than we used to. That’s my opinion on the subject. I’m not saying one is better or worse than the other that’s just the way that I view the world.

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Ok… I give up. Everything is fine… Just fine.

Daily To Do List For Rest of WYZE Camera Life:

  1. Check if WYZE Cameras still On or Off by Accident or On Purpose.
  2. Verify Notifications are still On or Off by Accident or On Purpose.
  3. Verify if WYZE Camera Resolutions are still set correctly for Internet bandwidth.
  4. Verify if WYZE Cameras still set for Auto on Night Vision.
  5. Verify WYZE Pan Camera still facing desired direction.
  6. Verify WYZE Shared Camera User Relationships are still good.
  7. Be Content with the WYZE App.
  8. Go Back To List Item 1 and Repeat…Every Day.

LOL. Everything is Fine. Working As Designed.


Lol! Much easier to cancel your shares. Then you don’t have to worry at all.


In my opinion if you’re having that many concerns you are sharing with the wrong people. That’s just my opinion


@rbruceporter you mention…
“I just don’t see anything wrong. I share my cameras with my wife. I certainly want her to be able to turn cameras on and off. In fact I wish I could share more control.”

Why not use the same Primary/Owner WYZE Camera Account Login Credentials on both your phones in WYZE App? Then both parties would have same full complete camera owner access…


It’s a flaw in humans. Not the cameras.

It’s called ‘sharing’ for a reason.