Hawk Attack on man and bird

Captured on two Wyze Cams.
Hawk attacks man and also a bird (Whie Crane).
Captured on WYZE CAM
Video has been EDITED (zoomed in and slowed down)
(link to YouTube following)

Hawk Attacks Man


WOW! Does the hawk have a nest nearby? I’ve never seen a hawk go a person before.

Yup… Tree in my front yard.
Second year this has happened. Last year about 20+ people were attacked.
I was hit 4-5 times last year.
This year, once so far, my wife once, other folks… lots…
Thankfully, the babies are starting to fly (at least one of the three!), to the terrorizing of neighborhood should stop (til next year!).
According to fish and wildlife of FL, nothing can be done it it is an “active” nest.
Once the nest has no babies in it, it can be taken down.
I don’t want to get stuck on a Federal Charge!!!

Hat with reflectors on !!!


Get off of my lawn :eagle: :grin:

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Once you can take the nest down, these tips might deter a return. Check out the tips at the bottom of this link. Hawks don’t like noise or flashes. Good luck with your bird problem.

How to Protect Chickens from Hawks | Nite Guard.