Garage Door Controller Badge

Why is there no Badge for the Garage Door Controller. Also why did this device not come with a “I back Garage Door Controller” sticker.

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I think it’s because it is more of an accessory. Did the Wyze Cam Floodlight come with a sticker and stuff. I can’t remember for sure but don’t think so.

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Badge… I think Green_Cafe is correct. Same story with Floodlight, Spotlight, etc.

“I backed X” sticker… “Backing” is preordering, i.e., purchasing before development and launch. Garage Door Controller was not a preorder item. Wyze no longer provides preorder opportunities due to user complaints and a climate of supply chain uncertainties and the associated logistical nightmare.


@Seapup The air purifier was not a pre order item, but I still received a badge and sticker for ordering that item.

Air Purifier is not an accessory and is a connected device, so I assume the app badge actually works (non-connected device badges currently don’t). I don’t know for sure, but I assume stickers for the next few rounds of products were printed before Wyze decided to discontinue preordering. Was your Air Purifier sticker a backed sticker?

There are items still shipping with backed stickers. Some are backed stickers, some are regular stickers. Some backed stickers are still being received for products that never went through preorder. I just received another set of Climate Sensors and Night Lights with backed stickers in the boxes. I didn’t preorder either product and they launched a while ago. Either Wyze doesn’t know what stickers are in which boxes or they have lots of extra stickers. :grin:


The entire app badges and stickers process is in disarray. :confused: