Future of Wyze 2020 - are we getting an update?

Does anyone know if Wyze is going to provide a Jan 2020 update??

Wyze posted a great video last year. It was updating everyone on their funding.

It would be great to have an updated video. It could provide new (if any) information on funding and updated about products for 2020. The video could be similar to the AMAs they have provided on the YouTube channel. The video could also provide as a substitute for not being at CES. (personally, I am not confident they need to be at CES anyway)

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I think a short video as to what the plan for 2020 would be nice but I think at the current time they are very much preoccupied with security issues and beta testing new products. Personally I would prefer them to spend their time on that and then went a little bit of free time pops up give us a heads up for the upcoming year. But I do agree it would be kind of nice to know what they plan on doing


Yes. A video similar to the AMA videos should require minimum prep.

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