French Door Sensors

I’m going to get Wyze home monitoring. House has 5 exterior doors. 3 are standard doors but two are French doors. For the French doors can I place the base on one side and the magnet in the other side? Will that work so each opening only needs one sensor or does each door need its own door kit so the base can remain stationary?

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Yip… You can just mount one side on each of the doors. One sensor will do just fine for a set of French doors. Neither side needs to be stationary.



One set of sensors definitely does the trick. Tested that multiple times and will trigger if either side is opened… (Could be even more secure once Wyze comes up a sensor that can detect glass break…)

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Thanks everyone. Ordered the home monitoring kit and an extra set of 3 door sensors.


@Flyinace2000 Excellent. Let us know how it works out for your setup!

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