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Hi all, I was wondering what you need to do to become a forum maven. I realizes that you don’t become a forum maven after joining the community only a little while ago. Though I was wondering what I could do as I explore the form to help increase my casases of becoming a forum maven. I have been trying to answer peoples questions and redirecting them but I was wondering what else I could do. Thanks


Hello @Illumination,

you are on the right path so far. We are here mainly to help all community members that we can. There are many times that a product will come out and being the tech “nerds :nerd_face:” we are able to help less savvy users navigate issues and learn their ways around the Wyze ecosystem. sometimes it’s as simple as explaining the difference in cloud vs sd recordings, but other times it can get much more complex.

my best advice, read read read. being knowledgeable about the forums, how Wyze products work, what possible solutions there might be, and help when you can.

the amazing thing about the Maven team to me is our cohesion and diversity, each of us has strengths and a variable skill set often overlapping with other Mavens. it almost makes helping people out far easier than it should be :wink:

we keep our eyes on EVERYTHING on the forums. and we are always on the watch for people that might fit the team well. a helpful positive attitude goes a long way here.


Thanks so much @Bam! Your description of a form maven sounds perfect for what I like to do! I will be trying my best to help answer questions and redirect people as much as I can! I am also so excited that there is an opportunity to help and to work together with my fellow tech “nerds”.

Even though I am not a forum maven (hopefully yet), I will continue to try to help and redirect as need and to work together with forum mavens to help people have as good as an experience as possible with Wyze products and software as possible.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help and I am very excited to help out the Wyze community!

Thanks again,


@Bam is right on with the description. I will add that the bottom line is that you just need to keep on doing good “work” and get noticed. Right now, we’re not looking to expand the team, but when we are, and if you’ve been noticed, you will rise to the top.

In the mean time, another thing you can do is to use the forum’s flag feature to point out posts that violate the Community Guidelines, that need to be moved or merged, or otherwise need moderator attention. Just don’t go overboard with flagging. :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Loki, As I said before I will try my best and I am excited to help out, hopefully you will see my profile picture popping up! One question though, I know @Loki had moved or merged a post that I had replied to were I recommended it to be moved or merged ( Can’t see thermometer readings) and I was wondering if on posts that I think should be moved, do I flag it or do I reply with my suggestion as I did before. Thanks!


Thanks for your quick responses everyone, I hope you start to see my profile photo and name popping up around the forum. :grin:

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I have nothing to add other than appreciation that this is a route that you’re interested in! I look forward to seeing how the community changes with you around. :slight_smile:


Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn! I am looking forward to helping out! :smiley: