Forgotten Sensors (dead batteries)

Well climbed the ladder, put the cam w/bridge back into position, The mac Id is 2C AA BE : 77: 41 : 1E with the sensor bridge using is model WHS81
MAC 7798AF93 , after powered on, pushed the little on switch, heard chime then “ready to connect”, checked phone app, states not connected, cant get past this. Frustrated, any suggestions?

Wild guess but did it cam scan the QR code ?
if not check this post …

Yes already tried the scan of qr code when it says ready to connect, but never acknowledges that it was accepted, just as I said, I am not sure however just for s&g I’m going to remove the bridge and try cam naked except for mini chip BRB finally pic reload took 5 tries to get everything back up after eliminated bridge. The whole process is a major pain in the rear, probably why I wont purchase any more cans unless you come up with a PnP version! Thanks anyway but the steps need to be put into a written procedure manual, for e everyone! I used to be a iT manager at a manufacturing facility, better clearly defined than what you are doing. Everything scattered and basically no manual op lookup?

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Yes, find a new supplier.

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I have been using wyze cam, sense, plugs, bulbs, and now wyze band, starting from November 2017.

Lately I have been running into an issue with the wyze sense contacts. Without warning of low battery, they will just stop working (updating open/close, triggering rules such as switching on a plug, etc.). I try by restarting the camera, bridge, changing the battery, resetting, but no luck, they are just bricked. No sense is more than 30 ft. from bridge.

Wyze has already replaced 2 of my contacts, but I want to see if this is a common issue or if I’m just missing something here.

Really love the whole ecosystem but with glitches like this happening often, it’s becoming something I can’t rely on.

All products are up to date on firmware, and cameras (and bridges) are set to reboot once a day.


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Hi all! I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. We looked into the sensor issue as our top priority. If your sensors are not working after battery replacement, please try these steps,

  1. Take out the battery
  2. Wait for 20 seconds while the battery is taken out.
  3. Put in the new battery.
  4. If the sensor’s status light flashes once, you are ready to go!
  5. If your sensor’s status light does not flash, repeat Step 2, or use the pin to push the sensor reset button 3 times (make sure the battery is taken out).
    You can use these steps to replace batteries for your other sensors.

Please let me know if your sensors still don’t work after performing these steps.

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Actually I would suggest that the emphasis should be also on the bridges, that I am sure from just a gutt feeling that are found to be the weak link in failures!

I have a “bricked sensor” after the battery died.

I’m sure that my new battery is fine as I also tried a battery out of another working sensor.

I just tried the above procedure but when I put in the battery, I get 2 flashes not one flash as step 4 says.

I tried hitting the reset button 3 times with the battery out but that changed nothing.

The sensor does flash once when putting the magnet near it or moving the magnet away but I can’t get it to pair.

I tried to delete it and re-add it. What I notice is when I hold down the sensor reset, it flashes 5 times not 3 and the app never finds it.

Thanks for reporting the result. Can I get your camera MAC address? @davsav

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I sent you, by instant message, the MAC ID of the camera with the bridge.

As I had an extra contact sensor on hand, I successfully paired the new sensor and am using that one for now but it would be nice to get this other one working too.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Sorry for the delayed response, the sensors that are dead have been removed from the system and are sitting in my desk. Because I removed them from the system I do not see how I can pull the mac addresses off of them. If you would like I can mail them back so the engineers can look into this issue.

That suggests the sensor has a capacitor in it - is that true?

@BlackSheepTxRx Thank you! The MAC is also available on the sensor’s battery cover if you don’t mind sharing with me.

@myswtest Yes, you are right.

I have had the same problem.

I agree completely.

so far three sensors with low batteries. attempted battery replacement on two and got the 5 Flash situation -bricked. the other one the battery replaced fine and operated normally. also had a motion detector non-operable right out of the box. due to the inexpensive price of these items I just reordered and didn’t go through the hassle of a service ticket. when all my sensors conk out as I’m sure they will soon , that will be it no more sensors for me. and I wouldn’t even dream of purchasing any of these newer items because I’m sure there will be many bugs in them and I just don’t have the patience for it.


Same as others, 2 contact sensors stopped working after replacing the battery, and I also could not re-pair them no matter what I tried. They also blink 5 times when I hold the reset button. Support replaced them.

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Hi there! I want to thank you for all your support. We’ve been actively looking into this contact sensor issue. If your sensors are not working, can you please return them to us? Our customer support should be able to send you new replacements for free. Thank you!!!


Sure thing.

I’ve only got the one sensor not working at the moment.

Where do you want it sent?

Can you read the MAC ID off the board or do you need me to get the back cover of the wall with the ID. (Recall I swapped out the sensor but not the back cover.)