Feature request - Setting to tell camera not to send alert when switching modes

Every time my cameras switch from night to day or day to night mode, they send an alert (unless within “rate limit cool down” or out of schedule). The camera should know it is switching modes and if the “change in brightness/movement/sound” was caused by the mode switch, it shouldn’t sent an alert.

Amen to this!

We should have some protection on this already. Probably we didn’t cover all the cases well. We will check.

It is very possible that it doesn’t happen every time it switches (confirmation bias *). I do notice a lot of alerts are when it is changing modes. It is possible that it is really caused by the Garage door opener light going out (after a change in garage door state), and the camera detects change and then switches modes, and what I see on the alert video is when it is changing modes.

I will keep a better tab to see if there is a correlation between light changing events or mode changing due to changing at dusk.

  • Confirmation bias - the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.


Wife: You NEVER put the toilet seat down. (She only notices when he forgets)

Husband: I ALWAYS put the toilet seat down. (He remembers all the times he did)