Feature request: On-Screen icons for motion, sound recording and notifications

I think it would be really helpful to have the ability to enable some type of indicators on the view of each camera, showing which types of detection are currently enabled (motion, sound) and which type of notifications are enabled. They could be small icons which sit in a corner of the camera’s screen that a user could turn on or of in the settings. As much as I go between different modes for my setup, this would be very useful in allowing me to see at a glance what all is currently enabled.

Add Cam Settings Buttons and status overlays to Live View

Occasionally I would like to have the ability to silence notifications or toggle event recording for a cam while in the live view screen without loading the settings and clicking thru to the Notifications page.

Is there a possibility to get a notification bell and\or a Detects Motion icon that can be toggled on\off - green\grey in the “…More” area of the live view?

Additionally, when viewing the live feed, can we get an icon overlay in the watermark\status bar that reflects the current setting so we can see what the settings are just by viewing the live feed? A little white bell = on, line thru it = off? Same for a Detects Motion icon?


Shortcut button to manually enable\disable notifications for Video Doorbell Pro

Video Doorbell Pro works great on our front porch. However, when we have a gathering of people constant notifications can get annoying. Instead of turning off notifications through the main device notification settings, would be great if there was a shortcut button at main screen (i.e., add icon option next to speaker\mic) screen to manually enable\disable doorbell notifications. I know it’s minor, but it’s the little things in life that make us happy.

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You could create 2 shortcuts: One for disabling the Notification and Another for Enable Notifications, Actions are shown in the image below.

You can basically start the app, go to Account then Rules. Create a Shortcut Rule to Turn off Notification for your Doorbell Pro and then create another Shortcut Rule to turn it back on when you need to.

Would that help?

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I was going to post something like this too. At a minimum I would want an overlay on the groups live screens showing which cameras are currently detecting motion. Please add this!

Display additional camera states in Live View (motion detection, notifications)

Rules can trigger various actions for camera devices, such as:

  • Turn on/off camera
  • Turn on/off motion detection
  • Turn on/off notifications
  • Turn on/off siren
  • Turn on/off lamp socket

In the iOS Live View for a V3 Cam, there are buttons to toggle (and view the state of) these items:

  • Camera
  • Night vision
  • Motion tagging
  • Siren
  • Lamp socket

It is not possible to see whether or not Motion Detection or Notifications are currently enabled. It would be nice to surface this info on a device level – and generally create more parity between the buttons/states accessible through Live View and the properties that can be manipulated through Rules/Actions.

(For example, turning Motion Tagging or Night Vision on/off is not possible through Rules, even though the user can view/toggle these states manually through Live View.)