Feature Request - On/Off Button on the main screen

It would be really nice and convenient to turn the camera on/off easily with a On/Off button on the main screen and even better if it’s available on the iOS control panel.

Monitoring and alerting can be easily turned on/off.

UPDATE: it can be accomplished with the new IFTTT support. However, current IFTTT service doesn’t handle multiple-person scenario when more than one persons are leaving house in different time.

What do you mean by “turn the camera on/off”?

If you mean something like shutting down and powering off, you won’t be able to tell it to turn back on without cycling power at the microUSB, because the processor in the Wyze cam won’t be running.

So I think you mean something else.

Please elaborate.

I meant turning on/off the Alert notification on camera similar to what you do with a traditional home security control pad.