Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

The cool thing about this glitch is that it demonstrates the camera seems to be capable of supporting it. I had always wondered if the V3 and earlier cams had processors and RAM and SD readers that could handle fast forward or not…but it seems like it’s handling it okay. It’s not perfect, but it is working! I’d settle for fast forward working just like this.

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Hmm, didn’t someone awhile back mention experiencing the same thing and wanted to know why it was happening?

Just got an email “That day-one startup mentality will be ultra-focused in 2023, because this year, much like our first year in business, will be the year of the CAMERA. With your help, we will revisit everything about the Wyze Cam experience. We will focus hard on hearing all your feedback and making the best camera hardware and software in existence.”

Great news! Color me hopeful. Come on smooth scrubbing and playback improvements!

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I got the same email.

I got the letter also I haven’t read it yet though. As many of us realize, if Wyze does not change the way they do business they’re going to start shedding customers like my yellow lab sheds his hair.

I would hate to see that happen because I think the company has potential to be great if management can admit that they have made mistakes in running the Company that would be a good start I know they’re saying that they should consider if they want to grow even more is getting away from the cloud processing that takes time and slows everything down. Just my two. Cents.

Well, they sort did as you hoped. Here they admit they could’ve balanced resources better, and say they made some inventory mistakes:

And this admits they weren’t perfect and had some learning to do as they grew recently:

And then they commit to do basically what you are asking for:

You gotta admit that it’s a lot more than most Companies are willing to say and commit to publicly. :slight_smile: And they covered most of the points you were hoping for (admitted they didn’t do things perfectly and committing to be more focused and listen to customer feedback and improve what they have, etc.)

Hope you’re doing well my friend. :+1:

I’m doing just great Carver, hope you and your family had a great Christmas, and I hope that the new year is very prosperous and safe for all of you.

As far as Wyze goes I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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We will see if it’s true… i.e. committed to the customer, we’ve been asking for scrubbing, and real FF/RW since inception. Or will it be just talk?

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Good day
Love your products and the spirit of how you run your company

I have 2 suggestions
Don’t be like every other company using a do not reply email

For your cameras view play also make it more intuitive like the ring app

Happy to chat if you guys are open

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Yes this would be awesome! Been waiting for this

The V3 cam is a game changer. As is the local recording using the SD card. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add some playback functionality increased viewing speed and/or scrubbing. Does ANY other wishlist item have more votes? Particularly one that is sitting in “maybe later” category?!


Can we get real time scrubbing like that of the Ring app?

This is the best way to view motion throughout the day. Events play in real-time as you’re scrubbing between them. Much better than buffering every single time you view an event.


Yes, playback of SD card using wyze app is horrible to say the least.



I wonder when wyze will release a brand new version of software their program is so dated

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Why is this still not done? I need a way to go through locally stored footage at accelerated speed. I suspect greed from a company that wants to sell subscriptions to its AI… but if the software keeps being so crappy I will simply sell my entire setup and move to ring. HEAR YOUR CUSTOMERS!

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Just switch to Ring myself and couldn’t be happier. The timeline scrubbing is the best feature ever.

They didn’t commit to anything!

The people have spoken, they want FF playback and they have been asking for it for years. How can you say Wyze is being responsive as a company? This is not a hard thing to do.

they’re not going to do it… period! it doesn’t bring in more $$$

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I’m getting pretty aggravated by these guys. Terrible service, crappy app and simply don’t listen to their customers. All lip service.

But hey at least you can listen to your camera audio with some gamer headphones now :nerd_face: