Failure to Scan Barcode at setup (Resolved)

So I went to add an additional Wyze Cam v2 to my existing Wyze starter kit. No matter what I did the scan would fail. Finally after thumbing thru the app on my Android phone, I noticed that the Bridge module in the working camera needed a firmware update. Once that was complete I was able to add the second camera without any issues. Lastly in terms of event notifications? These are not enabled by default on a new camera, so you need to turn those on via the app if you want them (I do). One last tip? I have this newly added camera aimed out a window. I know this does not work for night vision, but it works fine during the day. In order for the new came to detect motion of objects outdoors I had to boost the motion detection sensitivity from the default of 50% to Full. This solved the issue of not getting motion detected video. I think this equipment is awesome.


had problem getting cam to scan qr, after days of frustration, it dawned on me to try a different phone and seconds later, success… I gave up on the cam and bought a new one… now I have to working cans… I hope this help somebody