"Failed to connect" when loading cameras and "Loading Live Stream" message

After the update I just did today ( and another version {not sure why it’s different}), when I load a group, I hang up on “Loading Live Stream” and then some of them will turn into “Failed to Connect-error code 20”. It’s taking A LOT longer to load the cameras than it did before. And I never had that message appear on the cameras before either. They would just refresh. By the time the image appears, IF it appears, it’s too late to see what I wanted to see. Out of 6 cameras in a group, only 2 of them have live view. The rest are either failed or “loading”.

I am sorry this is happening, what app version are you running?

I am running into the same issue as well. Mine is not loading at all, have tried power cycling and making sure they are all up-to-date. My current version is

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This is known issue and fix is coming in a day or so.


Same issue here

iPhone XS Max iOS 16.1.2

App - 2.38.3 (3)

V3 pro -

V3 -

Failed to connect. Error: (code -1)

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I’m using the Android app and having similar issues. I have three camera groups (all V3 cams). Two groups have 4 cameras in them, the other only 3. Regardless of which group I try to view, there always seems to be at least one camera that gets stuck loading and displays, “Loading Live Stream.” When this happens, the stuck camera will not load in the grouped view. It will load if I select the camera and view it by itself. Then, when I go back to the grouped view, it displays properly.

Generally, it feels like the cameras that do load without issues may be coming up marginally faster than before the 5 Jan update, but not significantly faster.

Plus, I very much dislike seeing the “Loading Live Stream” banner pop up and obscure my view of the cameras. I know I can’t see anything move until the camera view loads, but my brain wants the words out of the way.

Anyone else having the same experience on Android? Maybe we can get Wyze’s attention on this.

Wyze, please unclutter the grouped view and fix it so that all cameras in the group display reliably!

Wyze is a company that should be ashamed of what they have done. They advertise a reasonably priced product that only occasionally works. It really should be advertised as a camera system that is for entertainment purposes only. Buyers should be warned that these cameras should never be relied upon to actually work when you really need them. Between the outages from their servers to the firmware updates the product is not worthy of anything more than frustration and anger.


Same here. Very frustrating and happening on both my iPad and iPhone. Running IOS 16.2.

Hmmm… Mine work great. However, if you have broken or otherwise problematic network equipment, you may see something different. What are you using for router & ISP?

Since the latest app upgraded on iOS (16.3), and the latest Wyze app, though the live stream of my cameras come up okay as a group view, when I go into an individual camera to view or pan, it’s stuck on Loading Live Stream. I close and restart the app and nothing works. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes of playing with the app to view a single camera. All the cameras firmware is kept up to date too. Terrible!