Events recording error

I know many have written about this before but I’m a new user (installed two cams two weeks ago) and just very recently started getting these very annoying error messages when trying to review events under recent events section of the Wyze app. The error msg reads, “The video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is still being uploaded…” I’ve done all the things mentioned in the blogs and even spoken to a Wyze tech support individual over the phone today who guided me to a factory reset of the cams. The first event recorded worked and then was asked to continue monitoring and guess what? Every one since then has failed. Still I continue to have this issue. How come Wyze hasn’t figured out the issue yet as I noticed some users have been reporting this since early 2019? I’m very frustrated at this point as I truly wanted to give Wyze a chance. I like the technology and even was excited about early buying an outdoor cam but this error is driving me crazy and it can’t be the cams or the app (all have been restored numerous times). Can anyone help with sharing their experience?

Oh, you betcha!

Thx for the quick reply. So this is something that has reappeared in recent days and again happening for many. It’s not a “new user” issue as I initially thought I was doing something wrong. I hope this gets resolved soon. I really enjoyed my first week and raves about the product to many. This last week makes me second guess sharing a referral to anyone at this point unless this gets resolved.

I’ve had the issue for about a week with the same message about video does not exist. However, in my case it’s only with videos that are triggered by a Wyze Sense motion sensor. The video events triggered by motion from the camera itself are all showing up fine in “Events”, including the ones tagged as “person”. Events triggered by a rule set up with the motion sensor show up Tagged as “Automation” and most of those have the “video does not exist” message. Same with videos triggered by toggling on the upload a short video to the cloud button in the settings of the motion sensor except those get tagged as “smart video alert” on the events page but no video or thumbnail.

Same here, Have done all the fixes but not one of them fixed the problem. I did want to like these cameras as they give off a very nice picture but I guess you get what you pay for. I bought one a year ago that never would record at all. So I guess I’m done with wyze at this point.

Same issue here. Long time user, first time having an issue.
-Notifications on the iphone are not working for cameras while they are for sense
-Events are listed however are not available to be viewed
I reported this to wyze and am waiting for their suggestions.

This has been the most reliable (Ha Ha) method for me to view event recording: Put in an SD card that works (That’s another discussion ),
select “Advanced Settings” > “Local Storage” > “Local recording to SD card” on > select “Continuous recording”
Go back to the “Device Settings” menu >" Event Recording" > “Detects motion (and/or Sound)”, Schedule > “All day,” on.
This has always allowed me to view the Event video.
Worst case you will have the video on your SD card for viewing on a PC.

My settings are identical to yours, still doesn’t work. Done with wyze.

Sorry, I’ve had the same experience following instructions for others that didn’t work for me. My Yi 1080p cams at the same price-point as Wyze are much more reliable. They were once selling for over $100. They also work cross-platform, iOS, Android, and MS Windows. They only record and send a short 6-second video to the cloud (Unless you have a subscription), but the entire clip is available for viewing from your SD card. It keeps recording as long as there is motion, The downside? My model does not have time-lapse, continuous recording, or any external motion detection accessories.
If you want reliability I wouldn’t choose Wyze base on my personal experience.

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I had several problems with my cams …sell them all by using another phone,might want to try that

Starting at 8:30 AM today my events are all now starting to notify and show in the events section like they used to. My issue is now resolved.

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Yes mine also. I think the problem was with the server not the camera as I suspected. I spent a lot of time trying the suggestions to fix it though.

It’s great to see the events back up! I gave up on the events recording and turned them off for time being until I saw your guys posts that they were back up. Wish Wyze sent out a notice to all customers if they were having a server issue instead of having customers spending time trying to resolve this on their own, reading blogs and troubleshooting in every which way possible. Transparency in a small start-up should be more present for building trust with their customer-base in my opinion. I’m still willing to try the outdoor camera but hope to see more improved communications from Wyze before I do.