Doorbell person detect at night

My Wired doorbell picks up all the people that come up to my porch during the day, But it does not pick them up at night for the most part. I have a newpaper deliver at 4:30 am. and the camera detected him only twice in the last month. I have re installed the doorbell, I have tried infared setting, normal settling, I have tried all different sensitivity settings to no avail. is the doorbell cam defective or what. I do have Cam+ also.

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I have found that the Video Doorbell doesn’t have the strongest IR emitter that is needed to properly illuminate objects in IR NV. I have a Wyze V3 cam positioned above the door that adds IR Light to the FOV, so I don’t experience a loss in detection at night when IR NV is active. You can also pick up IR lights that will clearly illuminate an area for IR Cam use.

Thanks for the info, I will give it a try. if it works great, But really i shouldn’t have to, It should have been designed with strong enough IR emmitters.

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