Doorbell notifications

I have the doorbell camera. Is there a way to get notified or alerted in a loud way when motion is detected? I want to be able to use my doorbell camera as a type of security camera through the night etc. Please help! Thank you!

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Do you have a Wyze Cam V3 or Wyze Cam Pan v2?
If so you could create a Rule that states if the Doorbell Camera Detects motion then Turn on the Siren. See the below as an example.

However, I would warn you that you will want to make sure to test sensitivity. As you know, just about anything can be detected as motion at any time.

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Auh, thank you for that. I have a cam pan but no siren option. Hmm… this is a bummer.

Must be the V1 then as they have no siren function.

But that would be the way to do it. I do a similar rule for my Leak Sensors.

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