Don’t use peppermint oil to keep spiders away when using external plastic mounts

So I had been using one of those plastic external housings from Amazon to mount a v2 at the top of my garage door. Had been working great for months and doing fine in 90 degree and above heat. Got frustrated with all the spider webs (I’m not using the IR lights, but they like building them there anyway) so I tried peppermint oil to keep them away. A few hours later, my camera fell off. The threaded collar that tightens up the ball joint broke. Apparently peppermint oil can melt or weaken plastic, luckily I had ordered a 2 pack of the housings so I took the threaded collar from the spare, washed down the mount to get the oil off, and put in the replacement. Within 24 hours, the replacement collar weakened and broke too, just from residual peppermint oil and fumes. So I got creative and cut off the threaded part of the mount, and used a metal ball joint assembly from an old TRENDnet camera. Result is below. My main reason for posting this is to warn that peppermint oil can weaken or melt plastic! So use something else to keep the spiders away.


Thanks for sharing. I had heard peppermint oil was an effective spider deterrent but did not know it ate plastic for lunch!

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Neither did I. I learned the hard way. :wink:

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Good tip. Thanks.