Direct access to SD card with download ability

Samba access to my NAS or Google Cloud would be wonderful! I can’t access the cams when I am at work, because of Corporate’s security. This puts an awful strain on doing it when I get home. Maybe I could setup a script to poll.


Yep. I hate having to go take cards out of the camera and put them back in all the time. Very annoying. :wink:


Wow, just “discovered” that I can’t even download any of the SD card videos to my phone!
Was thinking fine, can’t easily grab things to my computer, but probably can do it on the phone, nope.
You could “record” (who came up with this feature?!? just let us download!) videos on the timeline.
Timelapse videos are stuck in the SD card, no way to download it at all except to pull the card.
Come on Wyze, give us something, unless you’re purposely locking it down for some reason…


I would also love this feature. I have two camera mounted in housings that make it very inconvenient to access the SD card. Not to mention the height of the cameras. My third camera is convenient enough to get to, but I really hate taking it down, pulling the card, copying the data, replacing the card, and re-positioning the camera again.


You are partially correct… timeline video can only be recorded or transferred by removing the card from the camera. That is the topic of this #roadmap post, so please VOTE for it (button at the top of the page).

Time lapse video can, though, be downloaded. However, you have to be on the same local wifi network. Once your phone is on the same local wifi as the camera, you should be able to download the time lapse to your phone. See the Time Lapse section here:

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Oh boy, you are correct about the timelapse, sorry about that.
BUT! Why isn’t the video in the Wyze folder?
It’s located in “HL/API/timelapse”.
I was looking int he Wyze folder and only found the 12sec clips downloaded from the cloud.


Sounds like you’re on Android. I’m on iPhone, so I have no idea.

This would be a great workaround for those of us with dual-band wireless routers that you can’t separate (e.g. Google WiFi), as the app currently requires your smart device to be on 5Ghz in order to copy time-lapse videos.

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can you elaborate a bit on this?
yesterday, just for kicks, I was able to download the timelapse remotely after I turned on VPN on my phone to be in my home network.
so 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz shouldn’t matter, so long as you’re in the same network.

Sure, on my mesh WiFi setup you can’t specify separate SSIDs for 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz, so it’s up to your device as to which one it will connect to. Because Wyze cams only support 2.4Ghz, and they coded some sort of check into the app, the app on my 5Ghz-connected devices tells me I need to be on the same wireless network (even though I’m on the same network/subnet). Anyways, I opened a case on the same and was told they’re aware of the issue and might fix it one day.

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TinyCam can save to an FTP server and many routers come with an FTP server that you can turn on. I’ve tried this without any luck, but it could be that I just haven’t figured out the right settings for my router.

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Can we get the option to download videos to our computer/smartphone? This would allow for keeping video documents.


Alert clips can be easily shared. But mSD card video can only be captured by recording it while playing it back in real time, or physically removing the card from the camera. The latter can be quite inconvenient due to the need for a ladder, for example. :wink:

I interpret this request to mean having the ability to designate a start and end time and have that video download from the SD card to the phone in the background, without having to slog through it in real time or remove the card.

@michaelg3955… did I get that right?


Yes you have it correct. The ability to easily download the video to save to a device.

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I have about an hour of recorded video (on the SD card) that I want to share (get off Wyze onto my desktop for archival purposes). By ‘share’ I mean write to Google Drive or under an emulator ‘Send to Windows’. When I tried recording the whole hour into the album the recording failed. When I tried breaking it up into smaller pieces (18 minutes+40 minutes) the videos were successfully sent to the album but when I tried to get it off by sharing the Wyze App just seems to hang. It hangs both on my smart phone and under the emulator. A small 15 second video recording works fine.

Anyone have an experience with any of this? Are there practical limits? Is this a bug? What’s really frustrating is that there is no application feedback about what is happening. Thanks.

Edit: Moved by the mods from my post (Video Recording/Sharing Limits?, now locked) in an attempt to consolidate but I think this should stand on it’s own as it deals with what looks like software issues with the capability.


Best thing to do is just remove the microSD card, and stick it in the desktop machine or get a card reader, and handle it that way.


I wouldn’t call this approach the “best thing” in any sense of the word. Besides the camera is at a remote location which is why I have these installed. Needless to say Wyzecam is making it very hard to retrieve your video off the SD card (I had another issue with time lapse requiring you to be on the same LAN). Thanks for your response anyway.

The whole process of recording your video at normal speed into an album and then initiating the transfer is very cumbersome and time consuming even if it worked!


I agree, would be much better if we had other options, but we don’t, so, it is the best thing you can do, if you have physical access to the cam.

I rather have a way to FTP or SSH info the cam and download that way, but, can’t do that.

Doing the “sharing” thing isn’t reliable at all, and can fail for multiple reasons.


Been waiting on the same feature. I have 4 hours of video that I need saved. Recording on playback usually crashes after a half hour. I removed the SD card and copied the files, but it’s broken up into 60 second clips which makes it kinda useless. We need the option of setting a start/end time and downloading one video.

Believe it or not, this is so important for me, that I have an Android phone with only the Wyze app installed just so my phone isn’t occupied every time I need to save a video. Because Wyze stops recording if I exit the app. This is really inconvenient.