Connection from my cameras to my phone when using the wyze app

Hi everyone, after moving my cameras to a isolated IoT network segment, I start to note that when I use my cameras througt the wyze app, cameras try to connect to my phone at this UDP port: 49659.

Anyone knows the purpose of this?, currently this connection is blocked but still everything works fine…

Most IoT devices use a host of different ports (often random) in an attempt to get around most firewalls so that they actually work without end users having to know anything about networking. My Wyze cameras are also on their own LAN, and I pulled up the utility in my router that lets me see all the traffic within whatever parameters I specify that is passing through the router. There is all kinds of traffic from the camera. I happen to be looking at a V3 camera and it is sending my video data from port 38130 to port 40306. After stopping and reconnecting, it is sending to port 38832. It is also sending a bunch of traffic to two different IPs on port 10001 I suspect that is traffic going to the Wyze servers when there is motion.

It looks like you are right @K6CCC, I tried again this morning and I saw the same behavior but different UDP port:
Connection from camera-IP:58610 to ->my-machine:49322

After a while, I tried again and the port changed to
Connection from camera-IP:58610 to ->my-machine:61181

Anyones know what i’m missing if I block these connections?

If you try to block one port, the camera will just use another one.

By default my home network block all traffic from the camera segments to my trusted lan, so it seems that doesn’t affect the camera connection.

Also, I didn’t have this blocked during at least one year and I don’t note any difference between back then and now.

Same here. IoT LAN has no access to anything except the Internet.