Concurrent access on WYZE CAM PAN

Can 2 people access the WYZE CAM PAN remotely at the same time? If YES, what happens with on person tilts the cam to the left and the other person tries to tilt it to the right. Will that damage the cam?

The V2 doesn’t tilt.:slightly_smiling_face:

Really? Oh no, i thought it does and already bought 2 of them

is this a V2 or V1 wyze cam – this is what I bought

Looks like you purchased the Wyze Cam Pan not the v2 cam and it does pan and tilt. :+1:

That one is called the Pan cam because you can pan left/right with it. Neither V1 or V2.
To get back to the first question,yes multiple people can connect at once. Both can pan but the camera will only accept one command at a time.