Community Appreciation Day May 9, 2023

Hello, friends! :grinning:

We have a big event coming up! Next Tuesday is Wyze Community Appreciation Day!

We’re going to have sappy posts, insights into the survey from earlier this year, and a unique event or post each for Discord, our forums, our subreddit, and our Facebook group that relates to what our survey respondents told us is their favorite part of the community!

Stay tuned especially since you know I’m working on getting those goodies for ya. So mark your calendars!


Which everyday should be, really…


Yikes! Jason is going to have a headache by the end of that day! I know you do a TON of work with AMAs, then also having to do the fireside and all the other activities…I hope you have some caffeine ready :joy:


C’mon, does Carver really need more appreciation than me, he’s one of the most appreciated entities on the PLANET!

Where’s the EQUITY?? :pleading_face:



You hear that @carverofchoice? You’re
an ENTITY. :joy:


He has super-strength smug shields that make him impervious to taunts.

He can be neither baited, nor abated.

ENTITY. :scream:


Let’s not get carried away…getting a lot of likes in this forum by no means indicates I’m similarly appreciated in other contexts…and even here, there have been a fair share of users here who have specifically disliked me (both specifically and sometimes just for generally being a Maven) and said they do not want to hear anything from me. Which is okay with me. Diversity in opinions and such are welcome as long as the guidelines are abided including without attacking/direct-disrespect.
Besides, I only have a rate of like 2 likes per reply I post :rofl:

Also, there are at least 2 people on the forums with 1-2K more all-time likes than I have :wink: I expect Jason will be taking that throne soon! He even has a better Replies-to-likes-ratio than me, and Gwendolyn is slaughtering us there too.


Hmm…Considering the definition of Entity is:


I could run with that to a degree. Or rather I CAN have independent existence in a way, and I’m not exactly “codependent,” but I would be devastated to be existing “separately” from my wife and kids, so I won’t fully assimilate that word to myself. I am somewhat happy being both independent and part of various systems without being forced to adopt various tribalisms. But if peep means not being baited, I do make efforts to avoid being negatively emotionally baited. :slight_smile: Fun and playful baiting (within the guidelines) is good, though usually best kept to the watercooler lounge. I usually TRY to keep things Wyze related in these other thread areas. :wink:

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Ok, goodies, I can look forward to that, who doesn’t like goodies?

This is curious. Does the character of our community suggest we receive an event… or a post.

I say post. Event probably is reserved to the Discord extroverts.

And what do we, as a community, prize most, about the community?

Mmmm, I can’t remember what I answered on the survey but I’d say it’s the effectiveness of the platform for advanced troubleshooting.

It makes formal support channels unnecessary. For me, at least.

And the people are smart. And nice. And there’s birds. And critters.

Yeah. :slight_smile:

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Just bumping this thread to the top. I am very excited about the sharing of info and further building the Wyze community.


I am glad you are excited, here is a link to the current pinned thread about Wyze Community Appreciation day and a link to the thread for questions you can post to ask App and Firmware Engineers in the Reddit AMA.

Reddit AMA