Cloud service dreadfully slow

Retrieving events to watch from the cloud has been so slow…like minutes to retrieve a 8 second video. Been going on for weeks, after previously working fine.

Curious on your version? Note, I Beta Test the new FW and Apps, so my versions are not necessarily the production release, but here is what I am setup like:

  • App Version: 2.17.31
  • OS: Android 11. Note: Ran the ADB Command to turn Doze mode off
  • V3 FW:
  • V2 FW:
  • WCO FW:
  • WCO Base FW:
  • WCO Base Plugin:
  • CamPlus subscriber

I have not seen that issue with streaming. I have noticed that if you clear the Cache via the App. Go to Account, App Settings, Clear Cache, The system got a lot faster. Load times for streaming was not an issue. So maybe doing this will help you out.

Just an option.

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Thank you I’m going to try clearing the cache and see if that helps

Not a problem. as an additional note, I also have an iPhone for testing. It also allows you to clear the cache from the app.

Not sure what you are using, so wanted to add this as well.

Hope this works for you.