Capture all SD files to one flat directory for ease of combining them into one long video

I’m just getting started using SD cards in my cameras, and so far experimenting is restricted to one 4-GB card formatted FAT32. Appears to be working, so far.

My problem is they store the videos in hundreds of tiny little clips spread out over a rabbit warren of directories and subdirectories, with many file name duplicates throughout the tree.

What I need is for all video files to be stored in one flat directory so that I can easily sort them by date and feed them to MP4Box (great tool, that one) to concatenate them all into one long video.

Is there a way to do that now, and if not (probably not), is this something Wyze will consider as an option without it having to sit in “Maybe later” hell for years?

Before one of the moderators moves this over to the wishlist, please don’t… I’d like to see what the residents here think if this and then I’ll post it over there myself, with a bit more detail.

Since every one of the Wyze Cams saves SD video files in the same file tree format: 1 minute MP4 named as the minute # 0-59, saved in the hour folder 0-23, saved in the YYYYMMDD date folder, I can’t believe that Wyze would be willing to change their standard across all cams so that an external program can read them easier.

But, I think there are compilers that will read the Wyze File Tree format and stitch the clips together. I will have to dig for some references.

Thanks, @SlabSlayer … yeah, if there is such a compiler that would be great.

I understand the directory tree format and how it’s organized and if what you want is to see what happened at 3:32:45 AM yesterday morning then you can easily do that… but if you just want to see what happened and you don’t know when it happened, the current directory tree structure isn’t very useful.

I’ve gone through the exercise of moving all the clips into a single directory manually and then running them thru MP4Box to get one video that covered the whole night … let’s just say I wouldn’t want to do that for a living. :frowning:

Take a look at this thread. There are some complicated solutions and some easier ones. Several programs are suggested, however VLC Player seems to be the strong favorite.