Can't Extend Garage Door Camera

I purchased a V3 with garage door opener. Since the Wyze cable is short, I purchased a 10 ft micro USB extension cable with male and female connections. Once I installed the cable, the Wyze app no longer displayed the garage open/close symbol. I reset the camera and application a few times without success. Can the garage door device operate using an extension cable between the opener and V3 camera?

The V3 requires a data-capable cable between it and any accessories. Power-only cables are cheaper, and thus more available. Do you have a data cable?

Also, with the GDC it is best that you are no further back than the Garage Door Opener. This is so the camera can easily read the QR Code. So if you are trying to go further back, that may cause you other issues, like not recognizing whether the garage door is open or closed.


Thanks. I would like to try getting a data capable cable and see if I can at least move it back 5 feet. I have an older V2 camrea in the garage as well but it doesn’t help at night. Thanks again!