Cant connect to server via app or web

Can’t connect to the server via app (504) or see my cameras on the web, is this a general problem?

What made this strange was that it happened just as I was connecting a new Pan cam to my network.
Strange coincidence?

Coincidence. I can’t access via app (only use app)

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Probably a network issue, I wish Wyze announced this.


I am having issues as well. These things aren’t so special that customers can’t easily switch to a company with better customer service. There’s no way to tell if it’s their system or ours. A simple ‘please have patience while we work on our server problem’ would suffice


I cannot connect also. My app does not show any of my devices and says something about a server and to hard restart the app. I have and still nothing is working.

Same here

Same here, says cannot connect to server, force restart

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Lost connection for 5 hours. What’s up with that?

Same here.

Same. There’s over (at this time) a thousand reports of wyze servers down at

Wyze is aware of the issue. AWS is experiencing an outage.

Yup, they never do… Nor on firmware issues… Shame, so easy to send out an email.