Cannot create new rule - WYZE app does not recognize my WYZE cameras

I am not a big fan of our shortcuts being removed. I had them perfectly set up for a “Away”, “Night”, and “Home” setting so that I could select as desired with one click of a button. Really hope the Wyze team brings back our shortcuts.


Those are the exact same shortcuts that I had saved! :-/

My First Response here since I just purchased 8 new cameras a couple days ago. Updated the firmware set them all up created my shortcuts getting ready to leave town and everything went South last night just like you same response as you got except manual panning it’s extremely slow but I can’t set any notifications either or any of these new rules. How disappointing after purchasing 11 items just recently. Might be used for target practice… hope not!


Shortcuts appear to be back now. Hopefully permanently. Whew!


Not back for me yet on android even after restart.

Curtis, we’re back up here for about 30 minutes or more in Illinois. Do still have very slow manual panning a video and one camera, one that works so well, it’s not getting the video feed so that’s another new development. I think situation is shaky. After 24 years of it experience I’d love to deploy A system that wasn’t dependent upon third-party and remote servers. The last layer is the better I found in development.

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My events have shown up again. And I can add
New rules and shortcuts.

Interesting. I am on Android too. Galaxy Note 8 through T-Mobile.

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Similar issue for me this morning - I sent a support email and before they responded I now have access to my shortcuts and can again save my settings - I appear to be back to normal. If that indeed was an outage then that will leave a lasting impression on what to expect. Its been pretty much flawless for me testing my single camera for the past few months. I am still considering expanding even with this hiccup.

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Curtis, sounds like you’re in the dead zone there somewhere. Don’t know how spotty this problem is.

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I had this happen today and thought it was because I replaced a bad camera with a new camera. When I went to add the new camera name to my existing rules it came up with the page that “There are no devices to support the smart scenarios”. I had wyze on the phone for about 30 minutes and the only thing we could do was to set up the cameras into groups and that was a workaround. I could not individually add or modify a rule and add a camera. Perhaps I’m having that same issue you all had, I hope. Thank you very much, Peter

I’m having this issue as well. I just received the cameras I ordered, and I’m unable to create a rule for them because they do not show up on the device list in the schedule page of the app despite the fact that they seem to working fine otherwise.

@Rupert and @pcumming , are you two using the beta app? Or what’s your app version?

I’m using version 2.23.21.

Gotcha thanks! Let’s continue the convo here instead of resurrecting a 2 year old thread.

I didn’t realize this thread was old.

Clicking your link returns me here though.

EDIT: actually, that’s just the quote. I’m not sure what you mean by “here.”

EDIT 2: found it.

I have no updates on my Samsung S8 for wyze app. I do have. 2.23. 21
No beta.
And all v3 cam firmware is

Oops, wrong link. I fixed it. Thanks!

I can pretty much say it’s the last firmware update 2.18 and. 19 that caused this. But I don’t care to downgrade so I will just leave it until they fix it. Thank you all

All fixed with wyze app update that I applied on my Android as of September 2nd 2021