Can Wyze Cam capture its own theft?

MaxDrive. Supposedly it will be available this quarter or next. But, if it still has the 1 minute latency of recording “live” video, what good will it be?

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Let’s hope they have a software fix ready to roll out with it…

I looked it up on Amazon and understand. The cable is plugged into the camera and the microSD mounts in the other end of the cable which is safely inside.

Yes, you would have to hope that a thief was caught on camera before the transition to the next minute of recording during which the camera was pulled.

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I don’t think MaxDrive will solve this aspect. Videos still will not be flashed until the top of the minute. In fact, it may be worse in that segments might not be transferred over to the MaxDrive immediately.


@tom123 My only suggestion was to have multiple cameras pointing to each other as you have already done. The price of the camera affords some redundancy, however after purchasing several cameras and then having to consider a Maxdrive, you’re approaching the price point of a true POE, central storage system without all the quirky caveats. The time I’ve spent trying to understand the non-intuitive aspects of these cameras and software would make up the difference several times over. Don’t get me wrong, they have their place. I just think many of us are trying to make them into something they’re not meant to be. Like sticking indoor cameras outside.

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Very good point. In addition to my video(s) stitched together, I obtained video clips from by neighbor clearly showing the type car (NOT the license plate – way too low resolution because it was night). His videos clearly showed that his brake lights worked, but his tail lights didn’t. Should be easy to spot, right? Well, I submitted the videos, stitched together with time stamps, to a detective in our local PD. I’ve heard nothing. That fact only suggests that I must take matters into my own hands, if it occurs again. So, I have placed a Swann Driveway Alert sensor by the front door, with the “horn” right by my head on the night stand. Then you can guess the rest. In that case, the cameras would only provide proof of the guy’s entry and attempted exit. More…

Many years ago, I installed alarm systems for a local company. I was told that the one major deterrent to a potential thief is a horn – a VERY LOUD horn. I’ve since gone “back to the future” and am installing a VERY LOUD horn system triggered by movement at the appropriate places. Too bad there seems to be no reliable interface between the WyzeCam and a VERY LOUD horn that minimizes false alarms, and provides very solid performance. The Swann Driveway Alert is the closest I’ve found, yet. So back to my statement – the WyzeCams are toys, albeit very fun, and interesting toys. They are good for checking up on the dog, and watching for the mailman, but past that, they aren’t really solid alarm devices. That’s fine with me. They are still fun and interesting.

You can have Wyze cams motion detection send a webhooks signal to IFTTT. IFTTT can send a command to several types of switches that could sound an alarm.
Not Plug ‘N’ Play but doable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

Somewhere in all my ramblings here I mentioned the police aren’t going to do much for theft of a $25 camera. Relative to the other crimes they deal with, it’s not going to get much attention. So, on one hand, I’m surprised someone would take the risk to steal one. On the other hand, the police don’t attach much risk with the lack of follow-up. At best, if they are caught for other crimes, yours can be tacked on with supporting evidence.

It’s a petty larceny, which I’m most states is a misdemeanor.

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Too many false alarms with the current cameras. Even indoors, I wouldn’t attach a horn. Lights on timers set it off, passing trucks and motorcycles set it off (sound), clouds and sunshine through windows set it off. I haven’t scoured the media information, but I don’t think they claim security devices. They do use many of the buzz words though and people make assumptions.

Yeah, the police are busy recycling felons. Or I should say the court system is.

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No comment. I worked on the road for law enforcement for 2 years. Hence, why I left.

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if the cameras are stolen INSIDE your residence the burglary itself is a FELONY regardless of the dollar amount of the property that was stolen. Outside the residence generally the threshold $ amount is $1,000.00 for it to become a felony typically it is misdemeanor larceny but each state is different.

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Yes but, if they break in and only steal a $25 camera, I doubt the police are going to spend a lot of resources on it. We had a break-in last week in my Neighborhood Watch area, jewelry and electronics. I doubt a lot of resources are going to be expended on it either. I’m not even sure they do fingerprints now. Back to @tom123 case, is the camera the only thing taken? If so, it’s pretty strange for someone to drive up, hop out, swipe a camera and drive off.

Some states burglary is not a felony. Our state is not.

If you were home when it happened then that is a felony In our state.

So it would be Burglary and petty larceny if you lived here which are both misdemeanors.

But then again no one around here is crazy enough to steal haha.


Good point… If you watch the video, he did drive up – without hesitancy – and get out of his car. My East camera caught him walking in front of my garage. Then my Front Door camera caught him “delicately” trying to open my door. He then went back into view of my East camera, and caught a glimpse of my West camera (the one he stole). It appeared as though he stole the camera just to be “cool”. Then he pulled out of my driveway, and drove down the street. My neighbor caught him on his cameras leaving our “dead end” street, and he was gone. It is puzzling to me why he was so deliberate in his actions. I can’t explain that. That doesn’t matter to me. The police aren’t going to do anything about it – they are too busy. But, thieves don’t want “hard” places to break into. They don’t know what other “secrets” are waiting for him outside, and behind the door. I can stomach the loss of a $20 camera for his first warning.

There may not be an explanation. I don’t think like a criminal, but generally they don’t like exposure, so motion lights are my favorite. If I could only combine that with a dog barking recording.

Where did you get the IR lights?