Can they be used outside under a covered Porch setting?

Can the camera be used outside under a covered porch setting and what temperature would be the lowest it could sustain and still function or be ok?

Also, any plans on making an outdoor version soon??

People are reporting that the cameras are doing fine outside if protected from the weather in temps down to zero F. It remains to be seen what these camera do when it gets hot and humid.

There are no substantial rumors about an outdoor version, although there is one obscure possible hint at such in the recently posted alpha hardware tester request.

I have two cameras mounted outside under the eves of my house. Last nights temps dropped to -13.6 F and they are still running like champs. The lowest it has been in the last 30 days is -26.2 F and I have not had any troubles with them.

I have two outside under covered eaves. Haven’t had any issues.

Thank you for the information. Very helpful and with the price of these cameras it might be worth the risk to try it outside.

Thank you for the information. Very helpful for me and something I think I will try once I get my 2 cameras this month.

Thank you for your feedback. I am going to try it out and see how it goes.

I have two mounted under my covered porch. They do just fine in the cold Michigan winter.