Camera stopped connecting when the microSD is full

Issue 1: Wyze Cam v2 does not connect with microSD inserted (has worked fine for 3 months)
Current Solution: Remove microSD, format and re-install or turn cam on without microSD

Issue 2: Wyze Cam Pan Cannot format microSD via Wyze App settings, error message “operation failed”
Current Solution: Remove microSD, format card via computer and then re-install in camera

I setup the first Wyze Cam v2 with a Class 10 16GB microSD (FAT32). It appeared to work flawlessly and easily, so shortly after- I decided to add the Wyze Cam Pan with a Class 10 32GB microSD. The first camera failed 3 months later (would not connect via the App) after going through the troubleshooting steps, I removed the microSD, plugged it back in and it immediately started working properly.

Assuming there was an issue with the microSD, I checked it and was able to navigate the file structure and open files without issue via PC. However, the card was full. Is this the issue? It was my understanding that when the microSD is full, the oldest footage will be overwritten instead of removing it manually.

To prevent this issue with my 2nd Wyze cam, I wanted to clean up the microSD by choosing format microSD via settings. After several attempts, I keep getting the following error “Operation Failed”.
My apologies if this was previously discussed, but I couldn’t find much in the forums.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yeah, it is supposed to delete the oldest segments, but, at least for me, that doesn’t always happen, and I ended up with a full microSD card, and it wouldn’t record more than 1-2 mins after that…

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I think a few users experienced a similar issue that was because the camera was re-writing over the SD card when it filled but I thought that had been resolved with a previous firmware update. If you are fully up to date (cameras and app) I would contact support to ask them. I know there have been some funky issues with SD cards they are investigating.

There is a huge epidemic of cards that are fake being sold on Amazon and e-bay. What these pirates do is get old stock of class 6 or 10 but with 12gb to 32gb and re-program the sub-chip to read a much higher capacity. They then re-print the front and copy the packaging. Watch this clip and it will give you a clue Fake Chinese SD Card Scam! - YouTube

Not so huge if you stop buying from 3rd parties on Amazon and stay away from flea-bay unless you know they are legit.

I wouldn’t even bother looking at the vid, it is worthless when all you have to say is what I did.

A couple of points:
1- My sister bought directly from Amazon not one of their online retailers. Why she got a full refund and they started an investigation.
2- That investigator told me that it was “an epidemic” - what makes it an epidemic is how many people buy them. That is why I posted.
3- This site is not just for quick bullet pointers on how to. It is intended for people to communicate so if I feel like putting up a video I will. If you prefer your quick blurp - go nuts.