Camera status light and notifications

It would be useful to have an indicator light or app notification when a camera status changes. For shared cameras, especially ones used indoors, the camera status light indicating that someone has turned on the camera is at the back of the camera so if you are at home and someone turned the camera on you wouldn’t know. There should be a light at the front of the camera, like on laptop webcams, that tells you the camera is on (and maybe various colors to indicate when someone is viewing the live feed and when it is recording). Alternatively, since this would require a hardware redesign, it would be a good second option to have an optional notification system that lets you know when the cameras have been turned on by another user and when the camera is recording.

There are several icon/buttons on the live feed screens of the cams … add the LED illumination button … [Mod Edit] i have to exit, hit the button then re-enter into the live feed