Camera Issue -90

Hello Everyone,

I bought 2 cameras and a pan cam at the end of January. I put one cam in the front of my house and one out back. Both in a protective housing unit.
Yesterday, the camera out back was not responding. Error -90. I unplugged a few times to reboot and was getting the same issue.
I decided to take the camera out of the case. I deleted from the app and tried to add the camera to the app again. When the camera started flashing yellow I pushed the button and then the issues started. It would make a noise and get part way through saying ready to connect and then it seemed like the power stopped. I tried numerous times with the same issue.
The camera did not seem like it was wet or any other issues.
I am just wondering if anyone else had this issue or if it is just a dude after 3 months.
I bought on Amazon as I live in Canada so there is no warranty and it is past the mite to return to Amazon.
Is the pin hole at the bottom of the camera for a manual reboot? I have not tried that yet.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


Here’s the connectivity troubleshooting guide:

I had the same issue with my pan thats also in the front of the house with a housing unit for weather proofing. camera was dry. what i found was water drip into the usb outlet. i took camera inside and used differ cord. well it worked… so I basically switched cords… camera now working fine again… Hope this helps.

Thanks for your response. I brought it in and did try another cable. Power still seems to cut off when it says ready to connect.

I may have found my issue. The micro sod card. I took it out and restarted and it worked. I put it back in and the camera acted up. It is a no name card so I willl buy a brand name one and try it.
I will update if anything changes.