Camera detection delay

Hi all, we just got two wyze camera ogs to monitor our cats litter boxes because it seems like one of them may not be using the restroom and we’re concerned. The issue we’re having is that motion detection seems to be EXTREMELY delayed. For instance this morning I got a notification for one of the cameras and when I checked the video, the cat was almost already completely out of view (even though based on his location he should have been in view for quite a few seconds). Is this normal because we’re on the free version? Or is something wrong with our cameras?

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Notification latency will vary between users based on a wide array of variables based on internet speeds. But, a delay of 3 to 7 seconds is normal. Notifications are not immediate nor are they issued by the cam. Video uploads have to trigger the notification on the server.

There have been times when notifications have been delayed by 30 to 60 seconds. Some users have measured them in minutes or even hours.

You’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. I’m not talking about notification latency. I’m talking about the actual video that I watch back appears as though the cat is already leaving the frame, as if the motion is only being detected as the cat is leaving, but not entering.

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If you have a Micro SD card set to Continuous Recording, you can always go back to that Exit Event capture and view everything.

You can also try turning on the sound detection, which doesn’t require much processing and starts recording almost immediately.

Sound detection is on, but unfortunately I’m monitoring cats and they don’t tend to make much sound.

MSD cards coming today, just unfortunate that the solution an issue with the tech is someone elses tech. Can you delete videos from the sd card directly from the camera/app itself? Or do I have to take out the sd cards and put them into a computer?

The camera should Auto delete the oldest files when the card gets full.

Just format the card in the camera from the app and it will erase everything. :upside_down_face:

My apologies for misunderstanding. Since the cam is not in a freequent motion area, the only way to affect the motion activation reaction time is to set the Sensitivity setting as high as possible. If you set your Notifications for All other Motion events, it should also notify you any time motion is triggered.

In order to access or manage any video files, the card must be removed from the cam. There is no on board file management system.

The SD Card records files in 1 minute file increments indexed from the first second of the minute and saves them in date and hour folders. For every minute of video, 0-59, there is one MP4 file.

When watching a uploaded Cloud Event Video, pressing on the Playback button will launch the SD Card Video Player indexed to the timestamp of the event. There, you can rewind and fast forward to watch footage outside the range of the Event Video upload, so long as there is video that was recorded (continuous recording vs motion events only recording). In Motion Events Only SD Card recording, every 1 minute file that contains motion is saved. Therefore, all Motion Event SD Card Event Videos are always footage lengths of 1 minute increments.

As mentioned, the card, once full, will delete the oldest minute of video to make room for the newest.

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I have a new OG and have the same problem. All my v3s do a great job.

If you have a problem you can simply reformat the SD card, realizing you will lose everything