Cam V3, Cam Plus and Detection Zone

Anyone else noticed that the detection zone setting disappeared for the Cam V3 when paired to a Cam Plus account ?

I just noticed this and also verified on someone else account. Same thing.

Also, the app seems to consider Cam Plus is not really active even if it is displayed as active. The other person has the same issue.

I’m not really happy about this considering the long-standing issues with the Doorbell.

Any screen shots of this? Have you talked with Support about it? Created any app logs? What firmware version is on the camera, and what app version are you using?


Are you referring ot the ability to toggle the DZ setting and set the zone in the app or the function of the cam respecting the DZ in motion activating?

I have a V3 enrolled on CP running the most recent FW that usually has no DZ (off). I just tested this. I entered the app cam settings, toggled the DZ on, and then set a restrictive zone in the grid about 4ft wide 6ft from the cam.

I then walked slowly in from the restricted side of the zone in both daylight and IRNV modes until I reached the active detection grid in the center of the cam field. The cam did not activate until I moved into the active detection grid when it returned a PD AI tag and notification. The green Motion Tracking box confirms this as it did not activate on the video until I breached the boundary of the detection zone.

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That’s the point. There’s no where to activate the DZ anymore.

I did it before. Now, with the last app version, it’s nowhere to be seen.

You are using the iOS app. Push an app and cam log and post them here with the app & FW version. The @Mods and @Mavens can ring in to see if they can duplicate it with that version.

My Android version doesn’t have that problem. So I won’t be of any help. In mine it is in the detection settings where it was before.

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Unbelievable. It just came back.
The detection zone sub menu was missing and is now visible again.

I will check tomorrow on my mother’s setup. She had exactly the same issue.

Seems like someone fixed something server-side.

BTW, thanks for your assistance.


I am following the thread and asked all the same questions in the first reply in the thread, and have yet to see a response. On standby until the OP provides that info if they wish to, to help provide more context for the issue. :slight_smile:


Sorry for not responding to your post, I missed it when returning back as the following one was longer.

Unfortunately, I did not take screenshots as I did not expect this to be that short lived.
Also, I did not contact support as I prefer to validate with other people first.

For the context, latest app version, latest firmware, located in Canada (it may be relevant as we don’t have access to all services).

Thanks for your involvement.