Cam plus notification delay

Anyway to revert back to pre cam plus lite?? Ever since they force everyone to use cam plus lite. Notification delayed is not acceptable. By the time I get a notification, the person is already gone. I rather revert back to the annoying sense any shadow, insect, rodent. Then this rediculous late notification.
Was planning to use all wyze product since it started out good. Now I am planning to throw them all out and buy another brand!!

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If you go into the settings of your camera, you can turn on All Motion in Event Recording and Notifications. This will provide notifications on everything.

If you want to remove the camera from CPL, then simply go to the Accounts Tab, then Services. Select Cam Plus Lite at the top and you should see the cameras in the list. Tap on the camera in question and then select unassigned.

However, the delay is more concerning than CPL to me. What device are you using? Some devices are delayed in notifications and there are some settings you could try to see if things can get better.


We have the same issue. I have had the cameras for year. I paid for 1 year of the cam plus on 1 and we were never happy with the results. I guess something is better than nothing but like you by the time we get a notification whatever triggered it is over. So to me they seem useless

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