Cam Plus - Motion Light Sensitivity

Not sure if this is an issue or not.

I have been running a couple of pans and one v2 Cam under Cam plus and am very happy with performance other than the sensitivity to sudden changes in light level causing the motion detectors on the cameras to trigger.

Last night I had a motion alarm on another system, SImpliSafe, and as has been usual, no problem found, maybe an insect. This triggered a police visit to the house and I could watch the policeman check around the house because their flashlight through the windows triggered the motion detectors on my cameras and hence recorded the light coming through.

Now I am not sure what I want.

On one hand, the motion detectors on my cameras are triggered during the day when I get a cloud causing a sudden light level difference.

But they also get triggered when someone shines a flashlight at a covered window at night…

The sun-triggered events are extraneous, but the nighttime triggering is great…

I guess it would be nice if I could set an on-off time period for the motion sensors to disregard the daytime light level changes?

I use Simplisafe primarily due to the cellular connection but am hopeful Wyze will focus on the cellular someday.