Cam Plus License

I purchased an annual CamPlus License and it says I have “1 license available.” I have 4 cameras, 2 in-house and one on the garage and one on the front door. The front door is a wireless camera. I want the license applied to this camera, however, when I go to Available Devices, it shows the Garage, Family Room and Living Room. No Front Door. How do I get the license applied to the Front Door?

By front door wireless cam, do you mean it’s a Wyze Outdoor cam? I don’t think Cam+ works on WOC.

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Well this stinks. I bought three and it made no indication it doesn’t work on wireless and I cannot seem to find a way to get a refund on that one license sitting idle.

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@Hemi is correct! Cam Plus is not currently compatible with the WCO.

Yes, I bought for the wireless camera above front door. Lotta good Cam Plus does then.

On a bright side they intend on CamPlus working with WCO, I just have not heard a final date on that yet

Cam Plus for WCO is currently on the Beta app. I got a 20 sec video clip today on my WCO so shouldn’t be too much longer before it is released to the production app.

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Coming soon!

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So I just received 2 WCO cameras that I pre-ordered and I and a beta tester. I was looking to add the person detection that they have been testing but it does not seem to be available to add under services. I can see the cams in the list but they are greyed out. Not even a free 14 day free trial like indoor cameras?

They are working on getting CamPlus on the WCO but they aren’t quite ready yet


And now it is! Cam Plus is now available for the WCOs with a simple firmware update!

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