Cam plus - how many subscriptions needed for 3 cameras?

I have three v2 cameras.
Would like to subscribe to cam plus. Do I need to subscribe & pay 3 times for reach of my 3 cameras?
or only one subscription is required

Yes. You need to pay for each camera that you want to use with CamPlus. You need to pay 3 times. If you can meet your needs with just one having CamPlus and the other two using the free service, that works too.

However, since you are an older user, did you take advantage of the free legacy person detection offer when it was available?

Thank you !

  1. What do you mean by “the other two using the free service,” how do you do that for the other 2?
  2. Did not know that ‘free legacy person detection’, is that still available?

Without a subscription, you can enable cloud event recording and receive 12 second clips that are saved to the cloud with a 5 min cool down between them.

@customer is asking if you subscribed to PD when it was available, last year.

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