Bulb Color Google Home Integration for Canada!

I, probably like many Canadians, would really appreciate if the team can add Google Home integration with Wyze Bulb Color for Canada. It was a big reason I chose this product!

Thank you

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @leenzebdeh856! :raising_hand_man:

What level of integration are you missing? Basic device discovery, visibility, and On\Off manipulation? Voice Commands? Routines?

It does not integrate with Google Home at all in Canada, so it doesn’t even appear in the Smart Integrations tab

I’m stateside. Google Home doesn’t show up in my Smart Integrations tab either, but it does integrate.

I have all my Wyze Devices integrated w\ GH and use the native Android GH Power Button Launchpad to manipulate my devices.

To integrate Wyze w\ GH, I have to do it from the GH side.

Go to GH and find the settings :gear:. Then find the Services section and “Works With Google”. Mine may look a bit different because I am running the Google Home Beta Public Preview.

Once it opens use the Magnifying Glass and search for Wyze Home. Once you select it it should prompt you to link the account and enter your Wyze Username, Password, and 2FA.

Once that is done, all your Wyze devices should be available to organize within rooms and groups in GH as well as customize within the Power Button Launchpad. In your case, the Wyze Color Bulbs, I can turn mine on and off thru GH:

But, that is about as far as the integration goes. In order to get them integrated into routines, it takes an exceptional level of coding and legwork.