Buds Pro Pricing

Does anyone have any first hand experience with the buds and buds pro? Any idea of the Buds Pro prices? I’m trying to decide whether to grab the limited release buds or wait for the Pro model. A lot depends on the relative prices.

the buds pro will be about 60 $

I love the noise cancellation on the pro model. they are excellent. I use them while using power tools and mowing and they work great.


I pre-ordered the Pros and have been using about 3 weeks. Only issue I have is that the case charging port is not covered. I keep the case in my pants pocket and just finished getting lint out of the charging port. It’s only happened a couple times but it is an issue that will probably happen again, if not lint then dirt as I work outside.

Also the part you touch on the ear piece to pause, skip etc. is an issue for me. You have to touch a small area so I often miss it.

Pickup a cheap wireless charging pad, and you won’t have to worry about the dirt / lint in the charging port.