Big security flaw regarding NO "Camera Tampering Detection" or SD card removal/power loss

So… I guess what I should have said is “I wish Wyze linked to their support page on Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code or Googled ‘Cam Plus Wyze’ so it was spelled out more clearly on one page.”

Because I went to the main Wyze site first and couldn’t find that excellent support page. Though, even that support page doesn’t mention the “Basic Plan” that is on the Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code page which is apparently different from Cam Plus Lite.

:smiley: One might see why I missed it and seems not obvious. Glad to know where it is now, even if it is incomplete.

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Agree with you there! I thought of that too. No basic plan on the chart. Thought about submitting a request to have it added… Too much hassle.

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No hassle at all. I’ll send the idea up the chain.


For a power off event, that’s more in line with other camera systems, where they are connected to a DVR either via a cat5 cable or coax cable. The DVR is basically monitoring the cameras “heartbeat” and when it doesn’t hear it for a set period of time, it sends out alerts. Being that these Wyze cameras are either stand alone, or connected to a power adapter, i don’t think we can expect Wyze to add something that “listens” to all those cameras “heart beat” and report when it doesn’t hear it - after x secs/mins// think of how many of their cameras are out in the world…

anyway, i’m just sayin’


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Sounds like you’ve nailed it. One of the bigger problems with power-loss events is how do you know the camera has been powered off and it’s not just a temporary loss of signal?

You can have the Wyze servers pinging the cameras every few minutes but if someone’s home router goes offline then it looks like all the cameras went down when really it could just be a router reset or an ISP disconnect. The cameras might still have power!

Now, some folks would say, “Good, detect network loss, too!” and I totally agree with that. But there are clever fixes. My preferred fix is probably dedicated hardware – maybe I’ll go add that to the wishlist, no, I guess it should be its own wishlist item. Thanks for the inspiration.


You are most welcome.

A network loss tool. Im not sure if i follow, unless you are talking about Wyze pinging a customers setup, and if so, there are going to be issues with that, as there is one public IP - which is the IP assigned to your cable/dsl modem which they could ping, but they wont go beyond that to the cameras as they are on your local network and assigned an “internal” IP. Then you start to get into either port triggering or forwarding if you want to get to an IP thats on the local network, and it starts to get quite complicated.
But as you said, if you had some kind of dedicated hardware, and that knows of the camera’s IP’s, that hardware could report back to “home base” - being Wyze or wherever - on all the cameras heartbeats. You know, i bet with some coding in a new firmware update, that the base-station for outdoor cameras could do that, as long as they have something to report to (could even be just back to the app).

Thanks Robonaught, DeVoiD

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Thanks! The hassle I was mentioning was when you are on the knowledge base article for that table, the “submit a request” button at the bottom throws you into that chat bot question screening nightmare. I also couldn’t find Brenda on the forum.

Yeah because it is the support pages and it thinks you’re trying to fix a device or service.

There are plenty of friendly Community Mavens and Moderators that are perfect go between that you can bring suggestions such as this up to. If none of us are active in said thread you can use the @ symbol to send up the bat signal and call us into the post. :slight_smile: