Basic Functionality Still Not Here?

If the competition is able to provide an instant motion alert before the motion event has ended, what is preventing Wyze from doing the same? If it’s a hardware issue, that is understandable, but from what I’ve read on here it’s most likely just their way of processing.

There isn’t anything wrong with adding additional products, but if the first product (or, from what I’m reading, most of their products) are still having trouble, it wouldn’t make sense to keep adding more and more before addressing the current situation.

I’m saying they appear to be struggling to prioritize because rather than making sure their first product(s) have the functionality most people would expect (such as getting a notification of motion, and seeing the full event whether in the cloud or via the microSD card), they are adding more products.

Also, having their CEO and software engineers working in the shipping department is another indication of them not prioritizing staff, as they should have known more orders would come in, and have already had enough people in place to fulfill those orders. We’re not talking about some small company with three people working outside of their garage. This is a company that has received over $20 million in funding: The Future of Wyze is Coming Part 1 - #138 by baker195

Regarding asking the community, they allow people to vote and interact with the community, and that is great, but they have announced products that from what I’ve seen, people on here haven’t even requested, while they still not have added some functionality that people have been asking for and voting on. I’ll include the top three below, all of which are still marked as “maybe-later”:

It’s easy to grow a customer base, but keeping those customers, and making sure they are satisfied, is the tough part. They are adding to their customer base quickly, but the more customers they add, the more we are going to see people here confused that their products aren’t working as they expected. That’s my reason for saying they should meet or exceed the competition, because people have friends and family using other products, and are going to have expectations based off of that (such as getting an instant notification, being able to view the full motion event, and being able to download that clip).

I’m not too familiar with Blink, but are you saying they don’t provide an instant notification upon detecting motion, don’t allow you to see the full motion event, and don’t allow you to download it? If that is the case, I’m surprised Amazon even continued to offer that product. Samsung purchased a company for their technology (called MST) and totally discontinued the brand, and instead integrated the technology in some new Samsung products: Magnetic secure transmission - Wikipedia

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