Base station not connecting - flashing blue light

Switch away from wpa3? Is it connected via Ethernet cable or wifi?

connected through ethernet. I have changed to cat 7 cables as someone suggested. same flashing blue light.

I was able to get my device to connect after changing the wireless router settings. I noticed that when I changed to the new WPA2 and WPA3 option, I had this problem come up with the blinking lights. Nothing worked to get it connected. I then changed the authentication back to TKIP and WPA2, and now the connection is fine. Give it a try if you haven’t done this option yet.

I am going to return my camera tomorrow. It’s a piece of junk. You would think that a technology company today could make connection an easier process. When you buy something made by Apple, it just works. Not so here. Extremely frustrating. Very poorly engineered. Not recommended.

Perfect response from someone responding to an unrelated 2 year old thread. Today’s Apple customer!!!