AWS Outage Impacting Multiple Wyze Services - 12/15/21

Search “AWS outage” on Twitter… It’s blowing up.
:nerd_face: even affecting Europe doordash, twitch, ring, etc. all ground to a halt…


My Wyze Cam Outdoor base and cameras are not going online.

AWS is saying on their dashboard that everything is resolved but we’re still waiting to hear that they’ve resolved the remaining connection issues. I’m asking for another update from their side.


When this happened a few weeks back with the previous east coast AWS outage, I received preemptive notifications from Kwikset and Honeywell apps that an AWS outage was causing an issue. It would be much better if you all did that as well.


The status page at AWS shows it has been resoled but I still am having issues:

7:52 AM PST We are investigating Internet connectivity issues to the US-WEST-1 Region.

8:01 AM PST We have identified the root cause of the Internet connectivity to the US-WEST-1 Region and have taken steps to restore connectivity. We have seen some improvement to Internet connectivity in the last few minutes but continue to work towards full recovery.

8:10 AM PST We have resolved the issue affecting Internet connectivity to the US-WEST-1 Region. Connectivity within the region was not affected by this event. The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.

12:14 PM PST Between 7:14 AM PST and 7:59 AM PST, customers experienced elevated network packet loss that impacted connectivity to a subset of Internet destinations. Traffic within AWS Regions, between AWS Regions, and to other destinations on the Internet was not impacted. The issue was caused by network congestion between parts of the AWS Backbone and a subset of Internet Service Providers, which was triggered by AWS traffic engineering, executed in response to congestion outside of our network. This traffic engineering incorrectly moved more traffic than expected to parts of the AWS Backbone that affected connectivity to a subset of Internet destinations. The issue has been resolved, and we do not expect a recurrence.

Should I just wait and see if it all reconnects or will I need to reboot and resync, etc?

I saw this on Twitter and thought your engineers might get a laugh… but they’d also be drunk a lot of the time, if they followed this advice… :rofl:


All of my plugs, cameras, and vacuum are blinking due to no connectivity since this started. This is unacceptable.

It’s way past time for Wyze to GET OFF AWS servers and maintain it’s own infrastructure. The term “cloud” is nothing but a euphemism for someone else’s computer. The services I pay for are with Wyze, not AWS. Keep up this reliance on a vulnerable and unreliable middleman (AWS) and I will be canceling my Wyze services.

Are we clear?


I still have issues, some doorcams load right away, but 2 are offline and I cannot connect to them, a third shows offline but I can connect to it. Weird.

Same here wasted 2 hours trying to connect bulbs and cams. So frustrating.

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It’s amazing !!

I depend on Amazon Servers,
that sit on the west coast
3000 miles away from where I live,
to turn on my Christmas lights, and Security Monitoring of my home.

I guess I should also start monitoring
West Coast Earth Quake reports on a daily basis.

So much for Cloud Service Providers
Providing redundancy

Me as well. Spent an hour or so disconnecting or starting over. For five devices!

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Has there been any updates since 12? I mean it’s 4:20 here now and nothing heard since then. Unless they are on a different time zone I guess. But it would be nice to know that.

lol it’s Wyze. Get used to garbage


Not sure where you are located, but here in the Mid-Atlantic area, everything is as dead as it was 6 hours ago… not just Wyze, any service that relies on AWS.


I guess they are working on it, AWS has problems right now, Quickbooks is not working “fast” either, all apps running on AWS.

I have not seen any from Wyze,
but I seen a news headline that said AWS was back up.

AWS Status

So at this point, its Wyze

I had to MANUALLY turn on all my indoor/outdoor Xmas lights

And for security, I have been going around the house,
and peeking out each window, every 5 minutes

With a 10 minute cooldown period for myself
between windows !



If you scroll up you can see that Wyze is mentioning that and that they are trying to solve the problem with AWS… but other AWS services are still flakey or down even as well even though they say it is fixed.

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