Automatic color change mode for Wyze Bulb Color?

I was just about to order 8 color bulbs in preparation for the holidays. These will replace some older/cheaper color bulbs, as it looks like the Wyze bulbs are brighter.

However, I noticed that the Wyze app doesn’t seem to allow for preset color change modes - is that accurate? Specifically as a comparison, all the cheap RGB bulbs out there use Tuya for their app, and are able to do various effects (strobe, fade, etc.) and you can select the colors. Use case example - Christmas would have bulbs fade through red and green.

Am I missing something here, or is this something not possible with Wyze color bulbs? Is there any beta in progress that allows for this? I saw this feature had votes but not sure on status. Any workaround such as custom firmware and/or app to get this type of feature to work?


Would love to see this feature as well. It may be there, but I cannot find it in the Rules section, nor on the Bulb page either.

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Not currently a feature of the color bulbs and haven’t seen anything indicating a future update. You can use rules to turn them on, set brightness and color but that’s about it.

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