Audio clipping on noise canceling headphones

Recently (a few weeks now) I come across an issue where the audio cuts in and out - like a loose connection. My headphones are connected to my Windows 10 laptop via Bluetooth. I’m usually using the Groove Music player but when this happens, it affects Windows Media Player and YouTube as well.

Every now and then, the connection seems to quickly come in and out as if an audio cable was wiggling loose. To fix this, I simply activate the pairing button and once pairing begins, it works flawlessly again (at least for a while) Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a real fix?

I am not experiencing this with my headphones running FW 2.1.143.

Question, are you at home using your WiFi when this happens ?

My laptop is hardwired to the network. Headphones are using Bluetooth, of course. I’ve found that if I listen long enough, it eventually fixes itself but that’s a painful few minutes. Only noticed because I was too busy working to force the connection.