Any plans for a dark colored case?

I would like to place one of these cams, either an outdoor one or a version 3 on the front side of my house, but the house is stained a dark grey and one of these white bodied cams would stick out like a sore thumb. Are there plans for a darker case - black maybe - or is there a recommended paint that I could apply to mask the white?

I bought a sleeve for mine. It is black. Doesn’t cover the white cord but definitely helps.

There are many simple solutions – contact paper, felt tip marker, etc. Here is one for rubberized paint that you can remove later that I wrote up a long time ago:


Hello @dmolson and welcome to the community.

As @Newshound said there are many solutions, you can also vote for it in the #wishlist if you would like to let Wyze know you want to see this happen.