An update regarding Person Detection

That is a shame, it really was the feature that pulled the trigger on my 3 camera purchase. Is the update going to be a forced update or optional?

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Awesome that Wyze is doing what they can to resolve the issues with current AI. Glad that they are willing to keep the AI free after the re-release.

Just a thought. If users were to keep their cameras at the current firmware, wouldn’t they still have AI?

For instance, if I keep my Wyze cam v2 or pan at its current firmware with AI, and didn’t update the app, I would continue having AI.

I would keep it like this until the AI re-release happened, and I could continue having AI constantly.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?


Unclear. I had the same thought. The detection occurs on the camera, but notifications are still routed through Wyze’s servers, so I’m not sure if that would get disabled or what. It also may be difficult to prevent your phone from updating the app automatically, although updating the firmware requires action from the user. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. If it DOES remain usable in this scenario, I suspect there wouldn’t be much of an official comment on this, for legal/practical reasons.


Well I’ll keep mine on the current firmware and software versions and report back in January-February.


Sounds like they used us to promote their own company and to improve their in-house product. If they have our videos, they don’t strike me as the type to delete them if they‘ll continue to improve their own product. Those brainiacs remind of Blockbuster turning down Netflix. Oh well, time to fall in love with bugs again! :wink:

We have nothing but love for you Wyze. Growing pains can be tough, but there be a joyous life inside that swelling belly!

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While this is bad news, I do appreciate your being up front about it. Unfortunately, what alarms me is this:

The good news is that when we do re-roll out this feature it will still be free for you - even if we end up using the cloud instead of edge-AI.

Since focuses on very lightweight “edge” ML, and I doubt you have that expertise in house, I’m assuming you’re going to take the “process it in the cloud” tack and that sets off all kinds of privacy alarms. Please keep us updated.


I’m guessing Xnor probably got a better offer from Ring or Nest or one of the competitors who demanded exclusivity. I can’t imagine why else they’d want to kill it. Sucks that the contract gave them such an easy out, though.


Maybe now you can give us homekit support


I suppose, but there’s always SOME privacy risk if you use cloud storage for your security camera videos regardless. If you trust Wyze to store your video without server-side processing, I’m not sure why that part would make a big difference to you.

Oh in-house sounds like fun, Need an extra developer? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well… IMO… running the AI locally is a MUST. I don’t see any reason for the detection to be server based… specially considering lag.
So, I understand that a server based would be only a short term solution.

But I guess… even if it is a bad news, I like the transparency. Let us know if a new implementation is coming soon.


An option here that I imagine would be very useful is to add something like the Coral platform or the NVIDIA EGX platform to the sense platform along with a couple of USB ports for adding local storage.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


How about considering open source? There’s probably 10,000 or more capable embedded software engineers that are fans. Why not allow them to develop this for you?


Thank you so much and welcome to the community!

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Sorry that you had a bad experience. it will take time for us to build this but stay tune in our posts and email communication next year when its get closer to launch

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I am thankful for the transparency, however my decision to purchase 2 of your devices hinged on the motion detection amongst other things, so I am dismayed to hear that feature is going away. I know the question has been asked, but do we have to do the update? Can you wait until you roll out a replacement for the motion detection until then?

So where do I sign up for the huge class action that’s sure to be coming against you guys?

do wyze retain the rights of the videos that we upload for AI training?
the AI company have to delete the videos that wyze users uploaded.

i don’t think stuff is so unique.
It could be replaced since most algorithms are open source and wyze has the millions of videos for training if needed.

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To be clear, motion detection isn’t going anywhere, only person detection, temporarily.